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Autonomous Vehicles

When Work Zone Delays Impact HD Maps

Roadwork delays can impact autonomous vehicle navigation. HD maps need to be updated on time, or risk being inaccurate, costing time and money.

Autonomous Vehicles

A Living Map For Every Work Zone

Work zones produce slower traffic and often unusual traffic patterns. These are challenging driving conditions for both drivers and autonomous...

Autonomous Vehicles

Road Markings as a Technology

Lane lines are a key to road safety, and they are a part of navigating the modern world. Without lane lines, safety becomes questionable, especially...

Autonomous Vehicles

Rural Roads: Underserved

Rural populations are chronically underserved when it comes to the advancement of technology. Rural roads are more likely to be overlooked.

Autonomous Vehicles

A Digital Twin for Roads

The 5 Levels of V-Markings: The Virtual Markings Exchange will create a digital twin of the world's roads.

Autonomous Vehicles

Reflecting the Real World

Reflecting the real world in data form: enable HD maps to truly reflect the real world with V-Markings's 5 levels of data.

Autonomous Vehicles

HD Maps: Updated in Real-Time

Managing changes is a challenge faced by every digital mapping company. Update your HD maps in real-time and never be out-of-date.