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Real-Time Map Data

Roads change, with V-Markings so does your map.

VMX provides real-time lane line locations, immediately updating your maps with the real world.

VMXTM is highly accurate, reliable, live data for maps.

Roads change. With V-Markings, complete your map in real-time and gain richer insights into time-critical, dynamic information. Our highly accurate map data reflects the real world. 

Our innovative technology detects road changes in real-time, empowering Advanced Driver Assistance Systems and other end users with the data that matters.

VMX (the Virtual Markings Exchange) is the data layer above the real world,  a powerful tool bringing you real-time updates to road activities, pattern changes, and new construction. 


  • Road Activities due to maintenance such as  repainting for the season.
  • Pattern changes such as road lines changing in road diets.
  • New construction, feeding your maps with new data. 


Reducing Latency


Our real-time data takes the delays out of updating your maps. When the roads change, our data updates, ensuring you will know about lane line changes when they happen.

Improving Visibility


Connected work zones keep workers and the traveling public safer. We are committed to increasing road safety. Reliable, timely updates of critical information increases safety across the board.

Delivering Accuracy


Our data is more than just visual. With our proprietary technology, when new lane lines are created, we know where and when, as the road changes.

Increasing Safety


More than just data, we provide contextual information for construction status and activity as roads change. Gain richer insights into time-critical events so you can make smarter decisions.

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