Accurate Maps

We know when, where, and how roads change – keeping maps accurate and autonomous vehicles driving uninterrupted.

Safer Roads

Connected work zones keep workers and the traveling public safer. We’re committed to increasing road safety by providing reliable, timely updates of critical information.

Improved Visibility

Gain richer insights into time-critical events and contextual information about road construction to make timely decisions for your fleet.

Reduced Delays

Take the delays out of updating your maps. As roads change, our data updates, ensuring your maps are up-to-date.


The key to V-Markings Data is our direct access to the equipment performing road work. Gain real-time insights of when, where and how roads change as construction occurs on all OSM road types. Change management has never been easier.  Know exactly when projects are completed and roads are ready to be rescanned.


Access the location and attributes of pavement markings as they are applied directly through our API. Customizable delivery based on your needs and unique approach to building and maintaining maps.

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